Nap Island

Nap Island — Hoenn



Nap Island is an extra island that can be accessed either from Johto‘s Route 41, or from Hoenn‘s Route 125, making it possible to travel between the two regions without paying for transport. Both entrances will however be blocked until the Hoenn Elite Four has been completed.

Nap Island has some unique Pokemons to hunt, as well as a few quests with unique rewards. There are also plenty of interesting items to pick around the island

Entry condition

The only condition to enter Nap Island is to have completed the Hoenn Elite Four.


  • Route 49
  • Route 135
  • Nap Town
  • Nap Shore
  • Nap Forest
  • Sleeping Path
  • Nap Cave
  • Secret Nap Area

Main Activities

Nap Shore Elite Four

Main article: Nap Shore

In Nap Shore, there is a group of 4 kids and a teacher, with the kids claiming to be the island’s Elite Four. Although they are not as strong as the Elite Four, their rewards make it worth challenging.

Claire’s Lost Pokemon Quest

Main article: Nap Town

Claire in Nap Town will ask the player to find her Jigglypuff. The quest will unlock the entrance to Nap Cave and send the player to both extremities of the island. Its reward is well worth the trouble, being a Rocky Helmet.

Raymond’s Remedy Quest

Main article: Nap Town

An old couple in Nap Town will ask the player to gather all sorts of ingredients to cure the old man’s disease. All ingredients can be found on the island, but can also be brought from outside the island. For the trouble, they will reward the player with a syncable Munna, a very rare Pokémon.