Matsuki Village

Matsuki Village — Sinnoh





A positional vantage point of Matsuki Village in Sinnoh.

Adjacent areas

Matsuki Village Wastelands

Matsuki Village can be accessed by talking to Aero Airlines NPC located in the Resort Area of Sinnoh. Aero Airlines will offer the services of flying via Aerodactyl to Matsuki Island for the cost of 5000.

Matsuki Village

Upon arriving on Matsuki Island the player enters the Matsuki Village. Aero Airlines will be there to transport the player back to Resort Area upon request. A shop NPC exists at the north eastern part of the village.

PVE Coin Master

On the north east of the village the PVE Coin Master can be found.

PVP Coin Master

The PVP Coin Master can be found in the same area at the north east part of the village.

Reroll Ticket Exchanger

He can be found next to the PVP Coin Master at the north eastern part of the village.

Psychic Marina

She offers to modify IVs, nature or ability of Legendary pokemon. She can be found at the most eastern part of the village.