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Goldenrod City — Johto


Goldenrod City Gym

Type specialty
Plain Badge


Battleable NPCs
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Adjacent areas

Route 35
Goldenrod City
Route 34

Goldenrod City is a sprawling metropolis located in the mainland, Johto. It is famous as the medium to acquire Plain Badge; since, Whitney, the gym leader and the one who hands over the badge upon defeating her, resides in this city.
Goldenrod city can be regarded as one of the largest maps in Johto with noteworthy attractions, such as: Goldenrod City Gym, Game Corner, Department Store and so forth.

The large city is surrounded by Route 34 and Route 35. However, the exit to Route 35 will be blocked by Police Officers until the Goldenrod Gym has been completed. Said gym will also be closed until completing the Whitney quest. Needless to say, Goldenrod City will keep the player occupied for a long time on his or her first visit.

Notable miscellanies

Whitney Quest

The first time the player arrives in Goldenrod City, the gym doors will be locked; Whitney is away and protesting at the Radio tower. The quest initiates when talking to Sergeant Raul, the police officer Whitney is protesting at, and offering to help. Raul will inform that there is a suspicious absent employee that the player can investigate at Goldenrod Underground Path. Said location can be accessed from the small green building in the close west of the Pokemon Center or from an identical building west of the city’s north exit.

The missing employee, Radio Director Gavin, will indeed be in the Underground path, blocking a door on the east side of the path. After hearing his very suspicious speech, it will be necessary to report back to Sergent Raul, who will then suggest to speak to the Department Store Management head Michael, who can be found in a small building east of the Department Store.

Michael will give the player a key for the Basement floor. Before going there however, it is necessary to also bring a Fresh Water as well as a pokemon that knows the move Sleep Powder or Spore; Butterfree may be the easiest choice, but other good candidates are Oddish, Hoppip and Bellsprout. Once that pokemon is in the party, the quest will continue in the Basement floor of the Department store, which is accessible from its elevator. Fresh Water can be obtained from the vending machines in the 6th floor of the Goldenrod Mart.

Security Officer Eric will be blocking the way, he is the guard Michael spoke of. With a Sleep Powder or Spore Pokémon in hand, Eric will free the way after giving a Fresh Water and using the sleeping move on it.

The now unblocked area will have trapped Pokémons as well as Team Rocket patrolling the area. If any member of the Team Rocket notices the player, they will kick him or her out back in front of the Pokemon Center. Before moving on, it will be required to free the five trapped pokemons:

  • The Marill heard as soon as entering, which is in the closest small box from the stairs.
  • A Miltank in a small box west of the stairs.
  • An Abra in a small box a bit further the path west of the stairs.
  • A Meowth in a small box at the end of the path west of the stairs.
  • A Chikorita in a small box in the large narrow path going back north.

Once all five Pokémons have been freed, it will now be possible to move on to the next room. The room features levers that close and open doors, as well as Team Rocket that will challenge the player on sight. Each lever acts on two doors, and will open the door if it’s closed, or close it if it is opened. Note that the doors on vertical walls do not change appearance even if it is opened, making the only possible way to see if they are opened to try walking into them.

At the end of the puzzle will be waiting Radio Director Gavin. Angered by the player making it this far, Gavin will challenge him or her. His pokemons are estimated to all be level 25. After defeating him, he will clumsily confess his sins and disappear. All that is left to do to complete the quest and unlock Goldenrod’s gym is to report back to Sergent Raul and Whitney in front of the Radio Tower.

Radio Station

Main article: Goldenrod Radio Station

Located Northwest from the Pokemon Center, the Radio station is another story-important location of Goldenrod City. However, outside of the story, only Floor 1 is accessible, with nothing of interest.

Goldenrod Department Store

Main article: Goldenrod Department Store

Goldenrod Department Store is the only department store in Johto, being the most complete store. On top of all kinds of Pokéballs and curative items, it also sells TMs, Evolution stones and EV boosting Proteins.

Game Corner

Main article: Goldenrod City Game Corner

Located immediately behind the Pokemon Center, Goldenrod’s Game Corner is still not the Game Corner that was in the original games. Instead, it functions more as a reward system, which first requires to defeat the two bosses present inside of the building, Gamer Pewdie and Gamer Diepy. A large amount of significant rewards can be obtained, such as PvP items, syncable Pokémons and big chances at shiny Pokémons.

Interregional train

Main article: Interregional train

Johto’s inlet of the interregional-train system is stationed in Goldenrod City, allowing its passengers to travel to Saffron City in Kanto most expeditiously.

Using the train stipulates that you have obtained the Rising Badge from Blackthorn Gym; thereafter, this service is usable in both stations for the price of 5,000 per trip.

Another outlet of Goldenrod City’s train station is Trainers Valley, which is transportable upon registering 120 caught-data entries of Generation I Pokémon and 34 evolved-data entries in your Pokédex.

This station also subsumes the starting point of the Intraregional Subway quest.

Bike Shop

Located in the south-east of Goldenrod City, the Bike Shop is the place to handle Bicycle in Johto. In case a Bicycle was not bought back in Kanto, the Bike Salesman will be selling one.

If the player already has a Bicycle, Bike Mechanic Jensen will offer to change its color between Red, Blue, Green and Yellow for the price of 10,000.

Abandoned Pokémon

As soon as entering Goldenrod City from the south, an Abandoned Pokémon can be seen on the west side, blocked by a fence. In order to reach it, it is necessary to use Surf from the north side of the city, and follow the water all the way south. Picking the blue pokeball will provide the player a level 25 Spinarak.

Pokédex Number Pokémon Type 1 Type 2 Rarity Tier Held Item
#167 Spinarak Bug Poison Common

Move Relearner

One of the biregional Move Relearners is stationed in Goldenrod City, directly behind the Pokemon Center.

Any move that the player’s Pokémon can learn by level up can be relearned at the price of 2,000 via the Move Relearner, at the condition that the Pokémon satisfies the level condition for the desired move. This is helpful to recover a move that was overwritten or that was never learned for various reasons.

Teddiursa Hat

Ranger Dave, located in the small house east of the Department Store, will be looking for an Ursaring. The Ursaring needs to not only be caught by the player, it also needs to have 150 or more total IV points.

Once the player shows Ranger Dave an Ursaring meeting those conditions, he will give a Teddiursa Hat as a reward.

Machop-Trader and Macho Brace

There is an NPC Trader running on a bike just outside of the Pokemon Center who will trade his Machop for the player’s Drowzee. The Machop will be initialized at level 15. However the main point of this trade is not for the pokemon, but for the item the Machop is holding: a Macho Brace. This item is the most important item for EV training, as it doubles the amount of EV received from defeating pokemons when held.

Boss Cooldown Checker

In the far north-east house is located the Boss Cooldown Checker. He will state whether or not each individual boss is available to fight or not, and if they are not available, how much time remaining there is before the player can fight them again.

Chris’ and Brad’s Pokemon-grooming salon

In the Underground Path, two NPCs named Chris and Brad will broom one of the player’s pokemon once a day. This increase the pokemon’s happiness by a random number between 1 to 10. Both offer their services at a different time:

  • Chris offers his services between 9:00 and 17:00 in-game time.
  • Brad offers his services between 17:00 and 22:00 in-game time.

Underground Herb Shop

In the Underground Path, a Rocket Grunt looking NPC says he will sell some unique items, on the condition that the player takes care of Security Guard Chad. To do so, wait until the Security Guard walks the furthest possible to the east of the Underground Path, then talk to him. Although it says to use a Sleep-inducing move, it appears a bug allows the use of any pokemon.

Once the Security Guard is gone, the Rocket Grunt will start selling unique healing items, most particularly the Revival Herb that is a superior version of Revives.

Underground Herb Shop
Item Price
Heal Powder 450
Energy Powder 500
Energy Root 800
Revival Herb 2,800

Flower Shop

The first building east of the Goldenrod Gym is the Flower Shop. There are two interesting NPCs in this building.

The girl in the west of the building will give a SquirtBottle to the player if the player has completed the Goldenrod Gym. This item will be required to fight the Sudowoodo that is blocking the way in Route 36

The girl behind the counter will sell EV-reducing berries. However, she will not sell any until the Pumpkin King boss has been defeated in Vermilion City Graveyard.

Flower Shop
Item Price
Pomeg Berry 3,000
Kelpsy Berry 3,000
Qualot Berry 3,000
Hondew Berry 3,000
Grepa Berry 3,000
Tamato Berry 3,000


Item Quantity Cooldown Location
TM46Psywave 1 9 days At the north extremity of Underground Path.
Full Heal 1 4 days Behind the tree at the start of the eastern path in Underground Path.
Max Ether 2 11 days Behind the southmost tree in Underground Path.
Antidote 2 7 days Behind the eastmost tree in Underground Path.
Revive 1 3-9 days In the path west of the stairs in Underground Warehouse.
Super Potion 1-2 4-5 days At the end of the path west of the stairs in Underground Warehouse.
Max Potion 1 3-8 days Between boxes in the southern part of Underground Warehouse.
Antidote 1 2-3 days Immediately next to the west exit in Underground Warehouse.
Great Ball 2-5 4-7 days Hidden Item. In the trash placed in the northwest corner of Underground Warehouse.
TM62Taunt 1 18 days In the final room of the lever puzzle in Underground Basement.
BrightPowder 1 5-12 days Hidden Item. In the trash can placed in the southeast corner of Underground Basement.
Miracle Seed 1 10 days Hidden Item. In the jar between the two exits of Underground Basement.

NPC Trainers

Underground Path

Goldenrod Underground Path Trainers

Gambler Andrew

Lv. 25
Lv. 25

Notes: This trainer will give a Max Potion after being defeated.

Pokémaniac Jimbo

Lv. 23
Lv. 23
Lv. 25

Notes: This trainer will give 1-3 Super Potions after being defeated.

Super Nerd Glen

Lv. 24
Lv. 25
Lv. 26

Cue Ball Sato

Lv. 25
Lv. 23

All NPCs cool down after 7 days unless noted contrariwise.

Underground Basement

All NPCs in this location can only be fought once. Trainers do not disappear once the boss, Radio Director Gavin, is defeated, meaning they can be fought any time.

Goldenrod Underground Basement Trainers

Rocket Grunt Laura

Lv. ??
Lv. ??

Rocket Grunt

Lv. ??
Lv. ??
Lv. ??

Notes: Although it says a Bittery Berry is obtained after defeating her, it is a Persim Berry that is obtained instead.

Rocket Grunt

Lv. ??
Lv. ??

Burglar Richard

Lv. ??
Lv. ??
Lv. ??

Notes: A Revive is obtained after defeating this trainer.

Scientist Larson

Lv. ??
Lv. ??
Lv. ??
Lv. ??

Rocket Grunt

Lv. ??
Lv. ??

Radio Director Gavin

Lv. ??
Lv. ??
Lv. ??
Lv. ??
Lv. ??

Notes: This NPC must be defeated in order to progress with the Whitney quest and unlock the Goldenrod gym.

All NPCs cool down after 7 days unless noted contrariwise.

Goldenrod Gym

The Goldenrod Gym cannot be entered until the Whitney Quest has been completed.

The gym layout is a two-floored maze. The player will have to first walk on top of walls before going back to the ground level and finding his or her way through the walls. Although it may look colorful and complicated at first glance, it is mostly a singular path with few wrong branches.

Upon defeating Whitney, the Gym-greeter will start acting as a Move Tutor, teaching the move Covet to any compatible pokemon for the price of 10,000. This marks the first time a Gym-greeter gives his reward in a form of tutorship instead of selling TMs.

Gym trainers

Goldenrod City Gym Trainers

Lass Megan


Youngster Joey


Nurse Joy


Lass Charlotte


Lass Barbara

  • All NPCs cool down after 7 days unless noted contrariwise.
  • Gym-NPC levels are not known; as such, no level data is displayed hereon.


Although Whitney specializes in the Normal type, she possesses the now Fairy type Clefairy, and none of her pokemons knows any offensive Normal type move. Furthermore, she has the weaknesses of that type handed down: Fighting type Pokémons will be weak to both of her Pokémons, Rock and Steel types will struggle against Clefairy’s Wake-Up Slap, and the only Ghost type available before her, Gastly, will easily be defeated by Miltank’s Zen Headbutt. Fortunately, her team is small and do not pack powerful moves, making her battle an easy one with regular Pokémons, and nowhere as scary as in the original games.

Move Type Category Base Power Accuracy
Echoed Voice Normal Special 40 100
Disarming Voice Fairy Special 40
Fake Tears Dark Status 100
Sweet Kiss Fairy Status 75
File:Aipom Front Sprite.png
Move Type Category Base Power Accuracy
Echoed Voice Normal Special 40 100
Power-Up Punch Fighting Physical 40 100
Astonish Ghost Physical 30 100
Tickle Normal Status 100
Move Type Category Base Power Accuracy
Echoed Voice Normal Special 40 100
Rollout Rock Physical 30 90
Milk Drink Normal Status
Attract Normal Status 100
  • Emboldened moves avail from a STAB bonus when deployed by that Pokémon.
  • Italicized moves are functionally broken; see their individualized pages for more information.