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Navigational devices

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Navigational devices refers to the appurtenances used to mobilize or facilitate the means of traveling throughout areas. Most navigational devices are classifiable as Key Items, meaning that they are indisposable, untradable and infinitely usable.

Due to limited out-of-battle usability of moves, these navigational devices are functionable as substitutes for the navigative usage of HMs for moves that have no performable out-of-battle functions as they did in the official games; this spares you from using HM-slave fodder in your Pokémon lineup for traversing through the environment.


Bicycles are vehicular devices that improve your pace of travel aland. When riding one, you will travel twice as fast as you would have pedestrially.

Bicycles can be used to travel not just on land but also through caves, quickening your navigation through them whenever they are impassably required; however, they are not ridable in buildings and other artificial sites. While they are most facilitative more so than categorically required for travel, they are needed for you admissibility in cycling roads; you can not proceedingly pass through the gatehouses, otherwise.

A Bike Voucher can be reaped from Vermilion City by showing the NPC a Ditto of your OT registry; thereafter, you can coalesce the bike voucher with a charge of PokémonDollar.png60,000 to buy a Bicycle in Cerulean City Bike Shop.

Jet skis

Jet skis navigabilize the water, thereby allowing you to surf on it as you would be by bestriding a surf mount or a Surf-wielding Pokémon. While it is a navigationally identical alternative to the other, aforementioned vehicular avenues, the HM03 device is still required in order for the water to be surfable.

Environmental tools

Environmental tools are employed to deobstruct obstacular objects within the environment in order to clear pathways.


The Hatchet homologizes to the out-of-battle usage of HM01 (Cut) in the official games, serving as an alternative to a carrying a Cut-toting Pokémon for hewing otherwise-obstructive trees. Usage of this tool requires the operative HM on-hand.


The Pickaxe homologizes to the out-of-battle usage of Rock Smash in the official games, allowing you to break destructible rocks. It is an inorganic alternative to teaching an on-hand Pokémon TM114 (Rock Smash).


Escape Ropes

Escape Ropes will warp the user to their last-visited Pokémon Center, providing a much more expedient shortcut to returning to Pokémon Centers or as a vehicle for extricating yourself from a potential positional deadlock on a map.

Escape Ropes are the only impermanent item that is subsumable under this page since they will be expended upon usage, categorizing it as the only outlier of all key items on this page.

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