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Mirage Island

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Mirage Island - Hoenn
Overviewing collage
Mirage Island Cave.png
Mirage Island Cave
Mirage Island Summit.png
Mirage Island Summit

Land Pokémon

Average levels

Contiguous areas

Mirage Island
Route 131 B

Mirage Island is a mysterious island located in Hoenn. It can be reached only under special circumstances; a player must first visit Pacifidlog Town and talk to the NPC Old Man Jerry, who has a 1/12 (or 8.33%) chance of telling the player that he sees Mirage Island. If he says that he cannot see the island, then the player must wait until 24 hours has passed, and then can try their luck again. However, if the player is lucky and Old Man Jerry says he can see the island, Route 131 to the east of town will be replaced with the alternate map Route 131 B. Traveling north on that route will lead the player to Mirage Island.

The player has 24 hours from the moment when Old Man Jerry first sees the island to explore it, and can come and go as they please. Once 24 hours have passed, Route 131 B will transform back into the regular Route 131 and if the player is in Mirage Island at that time, they will be forcibly removed at the next area transition.

Wild Pokémon

Mirage Island Cave


PokémonLevel rangeTimesHeld ItemRarity Tier
142Icon.png Aerodactyl 35-40 Morning Day Night Old Amber 9
566Icon.png Archen 35-40 Morning Day Night 9
74Icon.png Geodude 33-38 Morning Day Night Lustrous Orb 2
42Icon.png Golbat 35-40 Morning Day Night 1
75Icon.png Graveler 35-40 Morning Day Night 2
95Icon.png Onix 35-40 Morning Day Night Lagging Tail 5
195Icon.png Quagsire 35-40 Morning Day Night 4
20Icon.png Raticate 35-40 Morning Day Night 3

Pink-colored names denote that this Pokémon is exclusively encounterable for members in this area.

Mirage Island Summit


PokémonLevel rangeTimesHeld ItemRarity Tier
37Icon.png Vulpix 65-70 Morning Day Night Yache Berry 4
63Icon.png Abra 65-70 Morning Day Night Twisted Spoon 5
262Icon.png Mightyena 65-70 Morning Day Night Passho Berry 3
278Icon.png Wingull 65-70 Morning Day Night Shuca Berry 1
279Icon.png Pelipper 65-70 Morning Day Night Occa Berry 2
360Icon.png Wynaut 65-70 Morning Day Night Smoke Ball 7
406Icon.png Budew 65-70 Morning Day Night Sun Stone 6
570Icon.png Zorua 65-70 Morning Day Night Black Glasses 9
595Icon.png Joltik 65-70 Morning Day Night Silverpowder 8

Pink-colored names denote that this Pokémon is exclusively encounterable for members in this area.