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Kanto Walkthrough

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Kanto Walkthrough
Starting location
Pallet Town.

Welcome to Pokémon Revolution Online! This is the walk through for the story line of the Kanto Region. The walk through will be broken into two main parts: How to play the game up until the first gym and then walk throughs of each gym and the area immediately after.

Starting the Game

Initialization and Starter Path

Your story begins with Professor Oak introducing you to the world of Pokémon and allowing you to edit your character. You cannot change your appearance after this point without buying the magic mirror. Once done editing your character you are free to begin you adventure in the wonderful world of Pokémon.

You start in an area simply called Start. From here, journey south until you encounter Professor Oak where he will tell you to go find your mother. After telling you to find your mom, he will allow you to continue down the path. Keep going south until you encounter Mew who will disappear allowing you to continue until you find your Mom who is watching a battle between Lance and Red. After talking to your Mom she will take you home saying that it is too dangerous for you to stay there

Selecting your starter Pokémon

Once in your home head downstairs and speak to your Mom. She will tell you to go to Professor Oak's lab as he came looking for you earlier. Once you head over to Oak's lab he will inform you that it is time to choose your starter and offers you the choice of four Pokémon: Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, and Pikachu. In order for Pikachu to be selectable, you must have antecedently declined on the first-three Pokémon.

Once you receive your starter and your Pokédex, you must speak to your Mother and collect five Potions and five Pokéballs. Once collected, exit your house and interact with the Eevee; thereafter, you will meet your rival, Jackson, and talk to him after he shunts you away before initiating your first battle. Once the battle is over, you are free to journey north along Route 1 to reach Viridian City.

Viridian City mini-quests

Upon entering Viridian City it is recommended if you chose Charmander or Pikachu that you speak to the trainer to the left named Madeline, as she will trade you her Oddish for a Pidgey with at least 15 IVs, otherwise called Individual Values,in its attack and speed stats.

(You can check the IVs of a Pokémon by hovering over its image in the top left corner and right clicking to bring up its information screen. From there look at the stats in the bottom right of the information screen and the numbers in orange will show its IVs)

To continue you must go to the trainers school which is directly north of the Pokemon Center. Go downstairs to fight Jackson, who now has a Level 8 Eevee. If you lose this battle you must go back to Pallet Town and tell his mom to come and get him. His mom can be found in the house north of Oak's Lab.

After dealing with Jackson you are free to go to Pewter City where your first gym is.


Throughout the game your main way to gauge progress is by how many Gyms your character has beaten. This section will detail each gym and the area until the next gym.

Pewter City

Your first gym is in Pewter city and is led by Brock. Brock uses all rock types so it is advised to have one or two Pokémon who are super effective against them. The easiest to obtain are Mankeys found on Route 22, the Oddish received in trade from Madeline, or by choosing Bulbasaur or Squirtle as a starter. It is advised that your Pokémon be about level 15 before challenging Brock

Upon defeating Brock and leaving the room you will meet Red. After talking to him leave and go on to Route 3

Route 3

Route 3 doesn't have many consequential things that are expected to be done; EXP can be gained by countering the battle-NPCs along the route. A Magikarp is purchasable from an NPC inside the Pokécentre on the said route who would be willing to sell it. At the entrance of Mt. Moon, there is an NPC named 'Ned', who will be willing to sell 5 Escape Ropes for $2,000. $500 can be saved with this deal.


Mt.Moon can be a puzzling maze for some. When attempting to exit it, first 2 ladders should be avoided as they only lead to Dig Spots. In lieu, continue on the the First Floor until the usable ladder at the end is reached. Nearby the ladder, a Moon Stone is obtainable for free. Pursue the way till you reach Mt. Moon B2F; then,defeat the Team Rocket Grunts and have a little conversation with the scientist. He will counter you for the fossils that he discovered. After vanquishing him, you are expected to choose one of the fossils that you'll carry with you in your inventory. On the left is the Helix fossil which turns into an Omanyte when retrieved and on the right is the Dome fossil which turns into a Kabuto likewise. After you choose a fossil, you can proceed. You'll encounter Jessie and James. After you defeat them, you can proceed towards the exit.

Route 4

Route 4 doesn't entertain many activities bar battles with a few battle-NPCs and headbutting headbuttable trees. Approach east and eventually, you'll reach Cerulean City.

Cerulean City

Once individuals step inside this town, healing their Pokémon is favorable. Once done the said deed, one can proceed North towards Route 24

Route 24 and 25

On entering Route 24, players would be able to spot few trainers on a golden coloured bridge. Players are expected to battle the said trainers and should proceed to the other side of the bridge (Route 25). Now, players can collect a Nugget from a Team Rocket Grunt standing nearby and also have to battle with him. EXP gain is possible by countering the trainers along this route. Head East and enter the house; talk to Bill and assist him finding his book. The book is under his pillow. Now, interact with Bill and you'll be requited. You'll receive a tickey to the SS Anne Cruise Ship.

Cerulean City

Once stepped back in Cerulean City, training Pokémon to level 25 is favorable. Encounter the NPCs from the nearby routes and you can even battle with wild Pokémon spawning in Route 24.

When terminated, one can proceed towards the gym. Misty is specialized in the usage of Water-Type Pokémon and hence, Grass-Type or Electric-Type is preferred against her. Her team consists of a Poliwag, a Horsea and a Starmie. One she is defeated, you will be rewarded accordingly with the Cascade Badge which would now allow your Pokémon to use HM Cut outside battles. You can also purchase TM11 - Bubblebeam from the broker at the entrance of the gym.

Route 5 and Route 6

Once you have successfully gained the badge of Cerulean Gym, you should travel South towards Route 5. Over there, you will find the Daycare Center. The Daycare Center is used to teach Egg moves to Pokémon which can be unlocked after after defeating Naero. The Daycare Center can not be used for the purpose of Breeding since the feature hasn't been added to PRO.
At the end of Route 5, you will be able to discover an underground passage. Use it to travel to Route 6.
Once you reach Route 6, you will encounter some Battle NPCs on your way. Make your way towards Vermilion City and interact with an NPC called Psychic Wade. He will teleport you to an alternate reality where Lance has annihilated Vermilion City. Interact with Lance and you will be engaged into a battle with him. He will use his Dragonair which would endlessly use Hyper Beam ; slowly eliminating each one of your Pokémon.
Defeating him successfully is almost impractical. Losing with him teleports the player to Vermillion City's Pokémom Center. Travel back towards Psychic Wade and interact with him; after you finish talking to him, you can progress to Vermilion City and enter SS Anne.

SS Anne

To initiate the SS Anne Quest, you have to first interact with Lt.Surge located at the Vermillion Port. He will go to his gym and then, you will be able to enter SS Anne. If you did not obtain the SS Anne entry tcket from Bill, then you must to head towards Route 25 and then receive the ticket after assisting him im finding his lost notebook.
When you enter the SS Anne, interact with Usher Dale and he will escort you to your room. Log into the PC right next to your bed and he will then clear the way by not blocking the room's entrace. Whenever your Pokémon need to be healed, you should head back to your room and interact with your bed.

As you proceed, you can enter each room of the cruise ship and engage yourself in battles with various Battle NPCs in order for your Pokémon to gain Experience System|Experience points]].
Head towards the first floor and enter the kitchen which will be situated on the far left. Make sure you have a Pecha Berry in order to handover it to the doctor. If you do not own one, you can interact with one of the thrash cans present in kitchen and obtain one.
Interact with the doctor inside the kitchen and offer to help him restore the captain to health. When you show him the Pecha Berry, he will guide you towards the second floor where the pharamacist Jenson is present. Head to the second floor and enter the room situated on the far right.

Over here, you can interact Jenson who will ask you for the Pecha Berry to concoct his poison-healing potion. He will further ask to find his Blissey in the ballroom as it carries the secret potion.
Make your way upstairs once more. Over there, you have the choice to confront Jackson. It is not mandatory.

Continue to the ballroom and head towards the upper floor where you will see Jenson's Blissey. Interact with it and it will suddenly dissapear leaving you with the Secret Potion.
Now, you can return to the second floor and find the captain. On your way, you can pick up some leftovers from this trash can.

Once you reach the captain's quarters, you can hand him the potion which will cure him in return for HM Cut. You can now leave the SS Anne and head towards the Vermillion Gym. Do not that once you leave the cruise ship, you can not enter it once more.