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Fossic Maniac Charles (Route 114).png
Starting location
Fossil Maniac House in Route 114.

Excavation is a unique, and certainly the main feature of the Hoenn region. Once a day, it is possible to enter Excavation sites to find rare Pokemons as well as some unique items, notably being the main source of Fossils. In addition, some rewards such as Move Tutor and Syncable Fossil revival are offered as the player accumulates enough points.

Excavations are however a very pricey feature, costing PokémonDollar.png100,000 to unlock, and PokémonDollar.png2,500 per site entry, for up to PokémonDollar.png17,500 per day. It is estimated to cost up to PokémonDollar.png600,000 in order to unlock all the features of Excavation.


The quest to unlocking Excavation cannot be started until the Hoenn Elite Four has been completed.

To get started, Fossil Maniac Charles, located in Route 114's northmost house, will instruct the player to gather Rock Fragments. There are 6 of them, one near each Excavation site. They are hidden items located directly on top of nearby rocks, so it will be necessary to first use Rock Smash, then examine a second time to pick up the Rock Fragment. They can be found in the following places:

Only the correct rocks leave rock pebbles under after using Rock Smash. The Rock Fragments do not appear in the inventory, so the only way to know if a Rock Fragment has already been taken is by trying to walk over the rock pebble.

Once all 6 Rock Fragments have been obtained, the unlock quest can be finished by talking back to Fossil Maniac Charles in Route 114. However, he will request to pay PokémonDollar.png100,000 in order to give the Archeological Permit. With the permit in hand, it will now be possible to enter Excavation sites.

Excavation System

There are a total of 7 Excavation sites, with one of them being a later addition and requiring to be unlocked. Entering any site costs PokémonDollar.png2,500.

Inside each site, there will be approximately 20 breakable objects. These all look the same in the same site, but different in different sites, varying from objects like pillars and tombstones. Breaking them using Rock Smash or a Pick Axe, obtainable in the Coin Shop for 75 coins, is the main goal of Excavations. Each rock respawns after 22 hours, making Excavations a daily activity.

When breaking these objects, the player receives 1 Discovery Point, a score that unlocks Excavation reward. There is also a chance for encountering a wild Pokémon or obtaining items. However, to each Pokémon and Fossil, there is a needed amount of Discovery points: if the player doesn't have enough Discovery points, a message will instead appear, saying the Pokemon fled away or that the Fossil broke. As such, early days will be particularly unfruitful. However, a small amount of bonus Discovery Points is obtained when that happens, making the unlocking of features a bit faster.

In each Excavation site, there is also one special breakable object, which can be identified by shiny sparkles floating around it. Breaking this object is not possible without the Cash Shop Pick Axe. These shiny breakable, on top of the regular Pokémons and items, also have unique Pokémons that can spawn. Furthermore, Pokémons do not run away even if the player does not have enough Discovery points.


New Pokémon encounters and features are unlocked depending on how many Discovery Points the player has accumulated throughout his or her Excavation career. Once a reward has been unlocked, it is thus permanently unlocked. All rewards are unlocked at 6000 Discovery Points. The rewards are as follow:

Excavation Sites

Haunted Site

Main article: Haunted Site

Haunted Site is located in Rusturf Tunnel. Pokémons encountered in it are almost all Ghost type Pokemons.

Furthermore, the Sucker Punch move tutor is located inside of it and can be used after accumulating 5000 Discovery Points.

Mineral Site

Main article: Mineral Site

Mineral Site is located in Route 115. Pokémons encountered in it are almost all Steel type Pokémons.

Furthermore, the Explosion move tutor is located inside of it and can be used after accumulating 5000 Discovery Points.

Feral Site

Main article: Feral Site

Feral Site is located in Fiery Path. Pokémons encountered in it vary in type, although there are a lot of Fire type Pokémons.

Furthermore, the Gingery Jones boss is located inside of it and can be challenged after accumulating 2400 Discovery Points.

Glacial Site

Main article: Glacial Site

Glacial Site is located in Route 103. Pokémons encountered in it are all either Water or Ice type Pokémons.

Gingery Jones inside of this site will tell the player the exact amount of Discovery Points he or she has accumulated.

Natural Site

Main article: Natural Site

Natural Site is located in Route 119A. Pokémons encountered in it are all Grass type Pokémons.

Furthermore, the Super Fang move tutor is located inside of it and can be used after accumulating 5000 Discovery Points.

Historical Site

Main article: Historical Site

Historical Site is located in Route 111 Desert. Pokémons encountered in it are almost all Fighting type Pokémons.

There are two NPCs in this site. The first one, Gingery Jones will revive Fossils in a way that they can be Synchronized. However, he will not offer this service until 6000 Discovery Points have been accumulated, and will also ask for a fee of PokémonDollar.png15,000.

The second one, Artifact Maniac Hastor, will sell various items for Artifact Pieces, a currency that can sometimes be obtained by breaking objects in Excavation sites. Although expensive, Fossils, TMs and rare held-able items can be obtained from that shop.

Wondrous Site

Main article: Wondrous Site

Wondrous Site is located in Route 114. The majority of Pokémons encountered in it are Fairy type Pokémons.

The site is a later addition, and requires 3000 Discovery Points to enter.


Hoenn Excavation Sites Guide by Neroli