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Berries are Pokémon consumables that that can be held in-battle.

Berries share functional identicalities to commonly used Pokémon supplements, such as Potions and ailment curatives; one of the more salient differentiators from them is they are auto-consumable by its holding Pokémon in-battle, meaning that the Pokémon will automatically use it when the conditional thresholds are met and thus saves you from using your turn in-battle to select an item to fulfill that function.

The available berries in Pokémon Revolution Online can be compartmentalized into three agential categories: restorative berries, curative berries, and EV-reductive berries.

Available berries


Restoratives will replenish depleted HP or PP points for the consumptive Pokémon.

Berry Tree Function
Oran Berry.pngOran BerryOran Berry Tree.pngRestores the consumer's HP by 10 points.
Leppa Berry.pngLeppa BerryLeppa Berry Tree.pngRestores the consumer's PP by a static amount in 10 points.
Sitrus Berry.pngSitrus BerrySitrus Berry Tree.pngRestores the consumer's HP by 25% of its maximal amount.


Curatives will expunge Status ailments that the consumptive Pokémon might be afflicted by. If held in-battle, the holding Pokémon will automatically consume it after the status ailment is onset.

Berry Tree Function
Cheri Berry.pngCheri BerryCheri Berry Tree.pngCures the consumer of paralysis.
Pecha Berry.pngPecha BerryPecha Berry Tree.pngCures the consumer of poison.
Rawst Berry.pngRawst BerryRawst Berry Tree.pngCures burned consumers.
Aspear Berry.pngAspear BerryAspear Berry Tree.pngDefreezes frozen consumers.
Persim Berry.pngPersim BerryPersim Berry Tree.pngCures the consumer of confusion.
Chesto Berry.pngChesto BerryChesto Berry Tree.pngWakes up the consumer if they are asleep.
Lum Berry.pngLum BerryLum Berry Tree.pngA wildcard berry that will cure any status ailment that the consumer may be afflicted by.


EV-reductive berries will reduce the consumptive Pokémon's EVs for the corresponding stat by 10 points. As a secondary effect, they will also enhance your Pokémon's happiness points.

These are instrumental for the continuity of EV-training, since only up to 252 Effort Values can be apportioned to each stat with a cumulative cap of 510; as such, they let you winnow out eventually unwanted Effort Value points for a stat. With a combination an intake these berries and retraining your Pokémon's EVs, which are recalculated on an after-battle basis in PRO, you can reapportion your Pokémon's EV spread.

Berry Tree Function
Pomeg Berry.pngPomeg BerryPomeg Berry Tree.pngReduces the consumptive Pokémon's HP EVs.
Kelpsy Berry.pngKelpsy BerryKelpsy Berry Tree.pngReduces the consumptive Pokémon's Attack EVs.
Qualot Berry.pngQualot BerryQualot Berry Tree.pngReduces the consumptive Pokémon's Defense EVs.
Hondew Berry.pngHondew BerryHondew Berry Tree.pngReduces the consumptive Pokémon's Special Attack EVs.
Grepa Berry.pngGrepa BerryGrepa Berry Tree.pngReduces the consumptive Pokémon's Special Defense EVs.
Tamato Berry.pngTamato BerryTamato Berry Tree.pngReduces the consumptive Pokémon's Speed EVs.


Berry trees

Main article: Berry trees

Berries are principally obtained by harvesting them from berry trees, which can be found in most tillage-viable areas—namely routes and forests, wherein most berry-tree allotments can be found.

Berry trees are monoproductional, meaning that they will return the exact-same berry archetype each time it grows. Most berry trees will regrow after three real-world days have elapsed; the only outlier to that is the EV-berry trees, which regrow after 4 days.

Berry Towers

Main article: Berry Towers

Berry Towers are sites peculiar to PRO that are one of the most prolific hotbeds for berry-obtaining, as they reward its challengers with EV-reductive berries. The only one currently available is stationed on Route 13 in Kanto.

The Berry Tower challenge entails carrying a full on-hand lineup of level-50-plus Pokémon and defeating a gauntlet of NPCs en route to the top floor; losing to any one of them will effectively forfeit the reward payout, since you will respawn in a Pokémon Center and be precluded from rechallenging it until the cooldown time has elapsed (which is initiated as soon as you venture into the challenge). Once you reach the uppermost floor and speak to the prizewoman, you will be rewarded 5-15 of one type of the EV-reductive berries.

For a fee of PokémonDollar.png2,000, you can do the elite-mode challenge of the Berry Tower; this will reward EV-reductive berries contingent that you complete it—either 5 of each of the gamut of them or 25 of a particularized type of them, depending on what prizeset you select. The elite-mode challenge has a three-day cooldown, as opposed to the standardly one-day cooldown.

Berry shops

Upon defeating the Pumpkin King boss on Route 6, a berry-vendor will be made accessible in Goldenrod City Flower Shop. He will sell all EV-reductive berries for PokémonDollar.png3,000 apiece, thereby providing the most prolific avenue of obtaining them for those that are affluent enough to expend the requisite Pokédollars for them.

Extra-organic usages

All non-EV-reductive berries can be sold to the item-buyers that exist on the first floor of all Department Stores for PokémonDollar.png20 apiece, thereby providing a more marginal method of moneymaking for those that have plentifully collected berries.