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Arcanine Mount (quest)

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Arcanine Mount (quest)
Route 19 (ranch).png
Starting location
Speak to the manager of the Route 19 ranch.

The Arcanine Mount quest is an optional quest that is progressible within the Kanto region.

Reflective of its namesake, it rewards an Arcanine Mount, affording one of the rare obtentionary avenues for Pokémon Mounts outside of purchasing one on the Coin Shop.

Instructional walkthrough

Speaking to the ranch-manager

Speaking with the ranch-manager.

From the Route 19 bay (contiguously southwards of Fuchsia City), surf eastwards and meander your way around the semgentative mountainside; this will lead you to the ranch-farm peninsula of the route, having the Arcanine Farm appellation.

Speak to the ranch-manager, who can be found in the entryway of one of the exterior fencehouses; see the pictorial thumbnail to the right for a visual pointer.

He initially feigns contentment in his current job as a ranch-manager, before irrepressibly bemoaning his dicontentment over the job, revealing that he wanted to pursue a career in surfing was saddled up on the ranch to assume his forefather's mantle for managing it. Also wistful to see the rarer Pokémon inhabitants of the nearby safari zone yet unable to do so himself due to his confinement to his family's ranch, he will ask for you to hunt for and show him three of those Pokémon, yourself: Dratini, Kangaskhan, and Chansey.

Hunting for the Pokémon

Dratini, Kangaskhan, and Chansey can be submissibly obtained from anywhere at any time, but all of them must be under your OT registry; this precludes the alternative of trading for them, meaning you must be their originative owner to qualify for the quest.

You will not have to relinquish the Pokémon to him; you will simply need to show it to him, allowing you to retain whatever you have caught.

This step will be seamless if you have already obtained some or all of the requisite Pokémon, but it can be rather time-consuming if you elect to hunt for them all. It is advisable to read the Pokémon-specific articles for all obtentionary information for them, but the most viable methods for each Pokémon are advisorily explained below.


Main article: Dratini (obtainability)

Dratini's only proximately huntable area nearby Route 19 is the Safari Exclusive zone, which requires active membership in order to be accessible. Due to the potentially chafing requirements and impositions of membership, limited time sessions within the safari zone, and potentially having to recurrently pay to re-enter the zone, this area is discommended if you already have deeper access to other hunting areas for it.

With 120 caught-data and 38 evolved-data entries accumulatively registered on your Pokédex, Love Island is also accessible via Vermilion City Harbor wherein Dratini is also huntable.

The Lance boss in Dragons Shrine potentially rewards Dratini

Dragons Shrine is considered the most viable hunting domain out of all areas. While it is exclusively fishable therein, requiring a Super Rod to encounter it, it spawns at its most percentally probable rarity-tier bracket, a tier below the other-two aforementioned areas.

The Lance boss NPC, who is also found stationed within the Dragons Shrine domain, potentially rewards Dratini in his Pokémon prizeset. While Dratini has one of the steepest probabilities out of all his Pokémon prizes, you also have the bonus-prize option to select it after defeating him three-consecutive times, affording it as a guaranteed prize if you are not serendipitously rewarded it before then.

For an earlier-accessible Dratini-rewarding boss NPC, Professor Oak is also available in Cinnabar Lab (Room 2). Similar to the aforementioned Lance boss, Dratini is one of the steepest-probable prizes rewardable, but it will become selectable upon three-consecutive wins.


Main article: Kangaskhan (obtainability)
Professor Oak's boss NPC may be agential for completing this quest, since he potentially rewards two of the quest-required Pokémon: Dratini and Kangaskhan.

Kangaskhan is strictly huntable within the Kanto Safari Zone and Rock Tunnel. As a membership-exclusive spawn in Rock Tunnel 1, the Rock Tunnel cave is considered optimal for active members, as it spares the entry expenses and time-limit constraints of the safari zone.

For those who qualify for challenging the Professor Oak boss, it is highly recommendable to defeat him, because not only is Kangaskhan a potential prize for defeating him; Dratini is subsumed in that same prizeset, affording you the probability of winning one of either of the quest-required Pokémon. Both Pokémon are selectably rewarded upon three-consecutive wins.


Main article: Chansey (obtainability)

Chansey spawns in several areas and has the same percental probability for most of them, with the majority of its spawn locations sharing the same optimum, probability-wise; see its individual article for more information, regardingly.

Alternatively, you can obtain Happiny and evolve it into Chansey; if you successfully do so, it will still be submissible to the ranch-manager regardless of its evolutionary roots.


Reaping the Arcanine Mount prize.

Once you have requisitely culled all-three Pokémon, return to the ranch-manager. Because he will prompt you to show them, you should ensure that you have all-three Pokémon in your on-hand lineup before returning to him.

For showing all three of them, he will gratitudinously reward you an Arcanine Mount, giving you a vehicle aid as an alternative to the Bicycle or one of the Coin Shop-purchasable Mounts.

The quest is now complete!

Video walkthrough